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A multi-disciplinary designer+director with deep experience in digital products, design systems, brand identity and creative technologies.

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Mobile & Product Design
Norwegian Redesign
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Mobile &
Product Design

Mobile and I go way back…
From GPS fitness apps to NFC mobile payments, I’ve designed experiences at the intersection of digital products and mobile technology from day one.

I was an early proponent of progressively-enhanced responsive web design. At the Future of Web Design conference in 2013, I co-presented a talk entitled “A Responsive Workflow,”  sharing tools and techniques to tame the emerging complexities of designing for multiple platforms.

I enjoy helping brands make an accessible impact on every size screen.


I have an extensive background in financial products, especially mobile payments, investing and banking. I appreciate how tightly roles of UX, UI, and content must work together to adapt complex workflows to small screens in an intuitive way.

▲ Responsive web design for BNY Mellon investment platform

▲ Modular component libraries for rapid iteration


Even before design systems were all the rage, maintaining responsive apps demanded component-based modularity. 

I’ve created and maintained dozens of design systems, from simple UI libraries, to extensive multi-brand multi-channel digital design languages.

▲ Technical documentation and guidelines

▲ Mobile payments platform for American Express


Digital products are only as successful as they are useful. Design systems can keep the presentation consistent, but to make sure we’re building the right things, strategy is just as important.

Beyond finding opportunities for brand identity and visual impact, I have experience validating product design decisions with a toolkit of methods including:

Product Strategy: 

Stakeholder workshops
Content strategy
Competitive audits
Feature planning/prioritization

UX & Design:

Customer archetypes/interviews
Information architecture
User journeys
Design systems
User testing

Front-end & Delivery:

Technical audits
HTML/CSS mockups
Component library management

▲ Defining experiences through research, documentation, and testing

▲ Concepts for mobile personal financial management features

Time Capsule

At R/GA, I was part of the Mobile & Emerging Platforms group, which specialized in the quickly-forming field of mobile web and app design. It was there I developed an appreciation for modular design systems and mobile technology I still have today.

In 2011, I led the visual design for one of the first tap-to-pay mobile wallets. Google Wallet was one of the first utilize Google’s newly standardized UI patterns, before Material was introduced in the following release of Android.

▲ Google Wallet v1.0, 2011

In 2010, Nike+ GPS was rebranded and redesigned as the popular Nike+ Running app. I led visual design across iOS and Android for the v4.0 release and most v4.x releases for several years. Check out the redesign

As part of a group of the emerging technology group at R/GA, I caught the first waves of responsive design, designing UIs for flip phones, smartphones, tablets, retail signage and touchscreens. 

▲ Verizon Shopping Guide, 2009

▲ Internal Android font testing tool, 2009


Before screen mirroring from design apps was possible, it was difficult to know how well fonts would render on various devices, especially at low resolutions.

To help elevate typographic excellence and maintain accessibility, I designed an internal tool which allowed designers to quickly preview the quality of various font styles on Android devices.


I’ve designed mobile interfaces when screens were 240 x 320 pixels, and operating systems were themed like Winamp skins.

It’s incredible to see how far UI design has evolved for these tiny computers we carry in our pocket.